Nerevarine Rising


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Seconds later, Julan and I were outside of Dagoth Ur's citadel. The sky wasn't the dark red it had been hours before, but a very clear blue sky. The sun was shining, too. The blight truly was gone.


"At last! Fresh air!" Julan laughed and then held me close. "I feel like we've been underground in the dark forever. I never want to see another Dwemer ruin as long as I live! And you did it!"


Julan kissed my cheek before he pulled away, laughing again.


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Chapter Twenty Six: Nerevarine

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I was ready. Without any sort of doubt clouding my mind, I knew I was ready. I picked up all of the supplies I would need (and that wasn't much, considering) and tried not to wake Julan as I did so. He was not coming with me. He's only going to get himself killed.


Sunder and Keening were packed up, and they were the only weapons I would be able to use while I was out, finally able to kill him. Dagoth Ur. The Shamat. He needed to die.


"Where ...

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Chapter Twenty Five: Preparations.

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Vivec stood before me, the cantons towering high. There was a very bright sunset, and the light glinted off the water. Gondolas went to and from different areas of the city, ferrying the citizens. I took Julan's hand and then paid seventeen gold to be ferryed to the Temple canton.


"Have you thought this through?" Julan asked. "I...I mean, what if they arrest you?"


"I don't have any choice," I said as I looked towards the temple, wincing as I passed the Or...

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Chapter Twenty Four: Erabenimsun

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"What are you doing here, Outlander?" I heard someone snarl. "Any Outlander with common sense knows that this place is not for n'wah like you."


I broke away from the person who was holding me by the shirt, shaking off the feeling of disgust and anger.


"I'm Ulina Therayn," I said. "And I'm here -"


Before I could even continue with what I was saying, there was a chorus of jeers coming from the Erabenimsun. Men, women and children sat back...

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Chapter Twenty Three: Dual

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Venim manor was even more well decorated than the Sarethi's, with more guards patrolling and more servants to scream for help. I wasn't good at sneaking, but I'd have to try.


"Julan, Shani," I began with a nod, "I think it's best if you stay outside while I handle this alone."


"But...who's going to help you if you get caught?" Julan asked.


I reassured him that I'd figure it out, then slipped on a long, black cloak I had managed to obtai...

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Chapter Twenty Two: Blackmail

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We never found out who tried to kill me that night, although Julan and I did sit on our bed the next morning, discussing it extensively.


"If it's not the Morag Tong, then who could it be?" I asked.


"Perhaps someone from the Temple," Julan said darkly. "I mean, they are probably after you now. You're going to have to be more careful now."


"It might have been a mistake, though," I said. However, the idea of the Temple coming after me and ...

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Chapter Twenty One: Bride

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Ashkhan Kaushad was standing up, appearing to be waiting for me when I arrived. He laughed when he saw me and then shook his head.


"So. You're the Outlander I've been hearing so much about. The one who claims to be Nerevarine."


"She doesn't 'claim' anything," Julan began heatedly, but I cut him off before he could continue. The one thing I didn't need right now was to irritate the Ashkhan. When Julan nodded in silence, I showed Kaushad my ring. He ...

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Chapter Twenty: Ageless Sorcerers.

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The Ahemmusa celebrated that night with Julan being the guest of honor. I was happy to see him accepted among his people again, and even happier to see him declared "a great ashkhan." Shani and I laughed when Julan blushed at the remark.


"A great ashkhan?" He asked. "Me?"


"Sure," Shani replied with an eyeroll, while eating through her roasted kwama egg. "Well, I think - at the very least - you'd vie for the most obnoxious."


I scoffed an...

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Chapter Nineteen: In Boethiah's Name

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The first thing we did was open the door to Mashti's yurt. She was sitting by her small fire, sipping from a clay cup. Her face looked puffy and she looked exhausted. She must have been crying all night. I cleared my throat and Mashti looked up. She smiled.


"Julan," she began. " brought him back."


I turned towards Julan, who was looking at her with the coldest expression I had ever seen on his face.


"Julan," Mashti began, turni...

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Chapter Eighteen: Revelations.

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"Mashti!" I screamed, when I reached the camp, "Mashti! Mashti, open the godsdamned door!"


There was no reply, only the distinct sounds of sobbing. I attempted to open the door to her yurt again, but she had done something to make it unopenable. Either she put a barricade in front of the door, or she had done some sort of magic to force the door shut. Mashti was a Wise Woman once. The idea of her using magic to do such a thing didn't seem unlikely.


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