Nerevarine Rising

After being sent to jail for her stepmother's death, Ulina Therayn is sent to Vvardenfell under mysterious circumstances, apparently on the order of Emperor Uriel Septim himself. Ulina tries to make a normal life there, but instead learns about a strange prophecy concerning all of Morrowind. And she's a part of it. 

Book one in a three part series.



Chapter one: Arrival

Chapter two: New Identity

Chapter three: Julan

Flashback: Training

Chapter four: Sleepers

Chapter five: Whispers

Chapter six: Explanations

Chapter seven: Dreams and Visions

Chapter eight: Duties

Chapter nine: Golden Ruins

Chapter ten: Informants

Flashback: Llethsea Therayn

Chapter eleven: Betrayal

Chapter twelve: Urshilaku Rite

Chapter thirteen: Shani

Chapter fourteen: Curse of Flesh

Chapter fifteen: Corprus Cure

Chapter sixteen: The Lost Prophecies

Chapter seventeen: Incarnate Moon and Star Reborn

Flashback: Dance For Him.

Chapter eighteen: Revelations.

Chapter nineteen: In Boethiah’s Name.

Chapter twenty: Ageless Sorcerers

Chapter twenty one: Bride

Chapter twenty two: Blackmail

Chapter twenty three: Dual.

Chapter twenty four: Erabenimsun

Chapter twenty five: Preparations.

Chapter twenty six: Nerevarine



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Flashback: Dance for Him

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The dress Mashti and her sister had made stayed in the corner of the Yurt, gathering dust. Mashti had decided to try and put her wedding off as much as she possibly could. She didn't want to marry Han-Kaleni at all. He may have been her father's most prized Gulakhan, but she still didn't like him one bit. At least her uncle Sul-Senipul sided with her on the marriage, but that was only because he wanted the rule of the tribe in his brother's place, and then pass the burden of leadership to her...

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Chapter Seventeen: Incarnate Moon and Star Reborn

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I wasn't looking forward to returning to Nibani, and neither was Julan. He still made blithe comments about me not being the Nerevarine, but I ignored them. I didn't want to tell him (yet again) that I didn't want to be the Nerevarine.


It was a very ashy day when we arrived at the Urshilaku camp, and Nibani had clearly been waiting for us outside the tent, where she lead us to the tent.


"I had a vision in which you retrieved the Lost Prophecies," she said...

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Chapter Sixteen: The Lost Prophecies

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The way back to Balmora was an easier trip, understandably so considering I had been cured. Though I couldn't stop staring at the wildlife; it felt as if I was seeing how beautiful Vvardenfell was for the first time. The creatures were walking along the road peacefully, interesting flora was flowing through the breeze and when it got darker, I thought I saw fireflies.


"It's so pretty," I remarked.


"Though you've seen it before," Julan pointed out.


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Chapter Fifteen: Corprus Cure

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I must have passed out, because when I woke up I was lying on the bed in Caius's house. I didn't remember when I passed out, though. My skin still itched, my throat still hurt and I still had Corprus. Dammit.


"So, you're awake," Caius said. "And you've compromised your situation to this young boy here. Even though -"


"Caius," I said sharply, then regretted it immediately, mostly because of my throat. "Now's not the time for that."


I saw...

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Chapter Fourteen: Curse of Flesh

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"Do we have to go to Buckmoth?" Julan moaned as we hiked up the hill. I sighed, trying my best to keep the ashstorms out of my eyes. It had been awhile since we had been in this part of Vvardenfell.


"Yes," I said firmly. "And I explained why; Caius said that one of the soldiers here would explain more about the Sixth House base."


"I know, it's just...I hate Imperials."


I already knew this; Julan had explained how much he hated the Empir...

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Chapter Thirteen: Shani.

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The next morning, I emerged from the guest yurt to see Mashti hanging up clothes on a hand-made clothes line, and she gave me a disgusted look.


"Good morning, Mashti," I said, greeting her as cheerfully as I could. She gave me a curt nod and returned to what she was doing.


"Do you where Julan is?" I asked her.


"I sent him to get me something from Vos," was her response. "He should be back soon. Is there something else you need, Outlande...

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Chapter Twelve: Urshilaku Rite

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The Urshilaku camp was full of life when we arrived, and I couldn't help but feel as if I had intruded on something completely private. The children were staring at me curiously and the adults angrily.


"What do you want, Outlander?" an older Dunmer male said as he stepped forward. I cleared my throat and wracked my brains, trying to come up with a decent enough explanation.


"My na...

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Chapter Eleven: Betrayal

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I had no idea what to say about what Caius had told me. He had told me what my father nor my stepmother (who turned out now, to also be my aunt) and that - for some reason - the Emperor knew about this and thought I might fulfill the Nerevarine Prophecies.


"What happened to my father after that?" I asked. That had never been made clear to me.


"He tried to use Necromancy to revive his wife and son," Caius said, "didn't work and no one was particularly happ...

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Flashback: Llethsea Therayn

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It was the New Life Festival, and Llethsea had been lent her mother's dress for the occasion. Her mother's dress had been made by one of the best clothier's in Mournhold and it had been in the family for several years. Serethi thought it looked a bit old fashioned, but Llethsea didn't care. Her sister always made fun of her in small little ways that Llethsea didn't understand.


They had a mostly quiet morning and afternoon that day at the house, but there was going to be wha...

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Chapter Ten: Informants

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Two weeks later, Caius gave me another job. Going to Vivec city and interviewing some informants.


"About what?" I asked.


"The Nerevarine and the Sixth House," Caius answered.


Why did I even bother to ask?


"First, I want you to speak with Addhiranirr, a Khajiit Thieves Guild operative," Caius began explaining. "Second, I want you to speak with Huleeya, an Argonian in the Morag Tong. Finally, I want you to speak ...

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