Nerevarine Rising

After being sent to jail for her stepmother's death, Ulina Therayn is sent to Vvardenfell under mysterious circumstances, apparently on the order of Emperor Uriel Septim himself. Ulina tries to make a normal life there, but instead learns about a strange prophecy concerning all of Morrowind. And she's a part of it. 

Book one in a three part series.



Chapter one: Arrival

Chapter two: New Identity

Chapter three: Julan

Flashback: Training

Chapter four: Sleepers

Chapter five: Whispers

Chapter six: Explanations

Chapter seven: Dreams and Visions

Chapter eight: Duties

Chapter nine: Golden Ruins

Chapter ten: Informants

Flashback: Llethsea Therayn

Chapter eleven: Betrayal

Chapter twelve: Urshilaku Rite

Chapter thirteen: Shani

Chapter fourteen: Curse of Flesh

Chapter fifteen: Corprus Cure

Chapter sixteen: The Lost Prophecies

Chapter seventeen: Incarnate Moon and Star Reborn

Flashback: Dance For Him.

Chapter eighteen: Revelations.

Chapter nineteen: In Boethiah’s Name.

Chapter twenty: Ageless Sorcerers

Chapter twenty one: Bride

Chapter twenty two: Blackmail

Chapter twenty three: Dual.

Chapter twenty four: Erabenimsun

Chapter twenty five: Preparations.

Chapter twenty six: Nerevarine



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Chapter Nine: Golden Ruins.

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Julan and I walked all the way to Arkngthand, a dwemer ruin suddenly appearing right in front of us. I had never seen anything like it before; a building with several tall, golden towers that glinted in the sunlight. The Dwemer had been clever. Really clever, I thought.

 "Be careful around here," Julan advised. "There might not be anyone in here, but I heard that the contraptions the Dwemer made still work."


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Chapter Eight: Duties

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Neither Julan nor mentioned a word about the kiss on the way to Sadrith Mora, and nothing was said as we headed back to Balmora either. We didn't need to, though.


When we arrived in Balmora, I decided to rent two rooms at the Eight Plates and stay there while Julan and I trained some more in the morning, but when I arrived in Balmora, I saw a familiar face walking down the streets.


It was Caius Cosades, carrying a bag full of glass bottles that clinked as...

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Chapter Seven: Dreams and Visions

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"Who are you?" Mashti demanded. "Why are you here with my son? I warn you, if you dare -"


"Mother!" Julan yelled over her. "It's fine."


He then handed her the amulet we bought at the Varo Tradehouse, but she didn't look at it. She only glared at me.


Mashti was actually a lot younger than I expected, though Julan didn't actually tell me how old she was, come to think of it. Though Dunmer did have longer life-spans than humans, Mashti loo...

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Chapter Six: Explainations

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"Will they be alright?"


"Yes, they'll be fine. They're both exhausted, though The boy's muttering in his sleep. Just what in Oblivion where they doing climbing Red Mountain, though?"


All of a sudden, the voices faded out.



When I woke up I was lying on a small, wooden bed with rough blankets.I couldn't remember anything until I sat up and images started coming back to me. Red Mo...

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Chapter Five: Whispers

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The walk to Ghostgate wasn't actually that long from Balmora. On the way, I explained to Julan how I actually came to be in Vvardenfell.


"You're a convict?" he asked. "By Azura, you're not on the run, are you?"


"No, they released me," I replied. "I suppose I'm an ex-convict now."


Julan shook his head. "As if we don't enough problems without the Empire dumping their criminals on us," he said scornfully. I glanced at him. "No offense to y...

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Chapter Four: Sleepers

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She began wandering down a very narrow, dark hallway, opening door after door. The last door opened up to a room that had nothing but a man in a very strange golden mask.


He looked right at her and started approaching her, grinning. He then started grabbing at her until -


I awoke with a start. I stared out the window. It was light and the sun was beginning to shine over Ald-ruhn, and I thought that made for a nice change. Most of the time I ...

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Flashback: Training

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Dranen opened the bedroom door that belonged to his daughters abruptly and saw their sleeping figures on Ulina's bed. Eriama had obviously crawled into Ulina's bed in the dead of the night. Perhaps she had a bad dream about a ghost or daedra again.


Ulina's red curls covered Eriama's face. Her hair was long, though considering what Dranen was planning for them both, it had to be cut at some point. Right now, they tied it back with Serethi's hairpins.


He ha...

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Chapter Three: Julan

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The Clannfears were attempting to bite him, I think. Scratch him with those long claws they had. I don't know. Either way, I knew what I had to do.


I had to help him.


I took out my new sword and hit the first Clannfear from behind. Then, the second one caught on and started to try and attack me.


The girl grinned at her father as he held the ancient family sword and showed her how...

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Chapter Two: New Identity

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The silt strider to Balmora finally arrived, and I paid twenty gold pieces to the caravaner. The journey took an hour, and by the time I arrived it was already twilight.


"Do you know where the South Wall Cornerclub is?" I asked Balmora's caravaner. His eyes twinkled.


"I wouldn't know, sera," he said. "I'd try asking around town."


I eventually found the South Wall Cornerclub. The inside of it smelt like burnt sugar and something else...s...

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Chapter One: Arrival

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Was it a storm? Yes, it was. But it was no normal storm. It was a dusty storm. The skies were red, too. A young girl was shielding her face, keeping the dust out of her eyes as she continued to approach a strange woman.


"What am I doing here?" The girl shouted over the storm, hoping the woman would hear. "Tell me, because I know you have something to do with this!"


The woman responded in a fairly normal voice, it was a wonder that the gir...

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