Nerevarine Rising

After being sent to jail for her stepmother's death, Ulina Therayn is sent to Vvardenfell under mysterious circumstances, apparently on the order of Emperor Uriel Septim himself. Ulina tries to make a normal life there, but instead learns about a strange prophecy concerning all of Morrowind. And she's a part of it. 

Book one in a three part series.



Chapter one: Arrival

Chapter two: New Identity

Chapter three: Julan

Flashback: Training

Chapter four: Sleepers

Chapter five: Whispers

Chapter six: Explanations

Chapter seven: Dreams and Visions

Chapter eight: Duties

Chapter nine: Golden Ruins

Chapter ten: Informants

Flashback: Llethsea Therayn

Chapter eleven: Betrayal

Chapter twelve: Urshilaku Rite

Chapter thirteen: Shani

Chapter fourteen: Curse of Flesh

Chapter fifteen: Corprus Cure

Chapter sixteen: The Lost Prophecies

Chapter seventeen: Incarnate Moon and Star Reborn

Flashback: Dance For Him.

Chapter eighteen: Revelations.

Chapter nineteen: In Boethiah’s Name.

Chapter twenty: Ageless Sorcerers

Chapter twenty one: Bride

Chapter twenty two: Blackmail

Chapter twenty three: Dual.

Chapter twenty four: Erabenimsun

Chapter twenty five: Preparations.

Chapter twenty six: Nerevarine



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Sun's Height 27th, 3E 427.


"You have to tell her, Dranen."


Dranen Therayn looked up from his book and looked at his wife, Serethi.


"Tell who?"


Serethi rolled her eyes.


"Ulina. You know you should have seen this coming."


Dranen avoided his wife's gaze and then went back to his book before Serethi snatched it away.


"I do not wish to talk about it now...

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