Nerevarine Rising

Flashback: Training

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 1:05 AM

Dranen opened the bedroom door that belonged to his daughters abruptly and saw their sleeping figures on Ulina's bed. Eriama had obviously crawled into Ulina's bed in the dead of the night. Perhaps she had a bad dream about a ghost or daedra again.


Ulina's red curls covered Eriama's face. Her hair was long, though considering what Dranen was planning for them both, it had to be cut at some point. Right now, they tied it back with Serethi's hairpins.


He had just come back from delivering a letter to the Palace. The Empire be damned, he thought. Ulina's not the one.


Eriama stirred and that was when Dranen took the blanket off of them both.




Dranen gave them a grim smile.


"It's time to get up, girls. We're going for a long walk."


The girls cast Dranen looks of annoyance. They knew what he was going to do. Once a week, Dranen took them a little bit outside the Imperial City to train.


And they hated every minute.


"Tie that hair back, Ulina," he said to the oldest girl. "It'll only get in the way. You're going to need a hair cut."


Ulina cast him a dark look.


"But Papa, I was told it was pretty!"


Dranen scowled.


"Yes, it's very pretty. But it's also something to slow you down. One day, when you're walking down the city streets, some n'wah could grab you by that long hair of yours."


Ulina's eyes widened, but said nothing. Before Dranen could say another word, Eriama burst out of the room, exclaiming "I'm ready!" at the top of her lungs.



"Why do we have to walk so much, Papa?" Eriama asked. "I'm tired!"


They were now a little outside Weye, but they hadn't stopped until Dranen reach a little bit of the Great Forest.


"We'll pick up where we left off," he told them. "Except this time with real weapons."


He handed Eriama a bow. The bow was made with real daedric metals and had belonged to his first wife. He then handed Ulina a sword.


"You can both take turns with these, he instructed them. "Eriama, do you see that deer over there? Try to shoot it. You've practiced enough."


Eriama readied the bow and attempted to shoot the deer passing through the forest. She succeeded and the deer was dead on the ground.


After awhile, he had to help Ulina, who wasn't swinging the sword against the tree trunk right at all. Not what he'd taught her.


"No, Ulina," He corrected the way she was holding it. "You're weapon isn't something separate from yourself. It should be treated as an extension of yourself."


After a few more swings, Ulina managed to get it right.


Serethi didn't understand why Dranen did this with his daughters. But he trained with them because he wasn't always going to be around to protect them, and neither was she. And Tamriel was a dangerous place.


Especially for Ulina.

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