Nerevarine Rising

Chapter Four: Sleepers

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 1:10 AM

She began wandering down a very narrow, dark hallway, opening door after door. The last door opened up to a room that had nothing but a man in a very strange golden mask.


He looked right at her and started approaching her, grinning. He then started grabbing at her until -


I awoke with a start. I stared out the window. It was light and the sun was beginning to shine over Ald-ruhn, and I thought that made for a nice change. Most of the time I had spent here was during the ashy storms.


Suddenly, there was a knock on my bedroom door.


"Who is it?" I asked.




I found myself sigh.


"It's just that you said that you wanted to be up bright and early to train, remember?"


I had completely forgotten. The night before, Julan and I had dinner while talking about the next days training. I thought it best to do it early, so we could leave for a much more hospitable location. Julan thought Caldera might be a good place. I wouldn't know.


"I'll be right with you, just give me a few minutes!"


That's when I made the move to get dressed, then left my room.



Breakfast was a quiet affair, but after that Julan and I went outside and found a spot to train a little bit outside the city.


"So, where do we start?" he asked.


I gave him a sword.


"This is one of the few things I know how to do," I told him. "That and a little alchemy and restoration. But I know swords better."


Julan gave me a nod. "I do know how to use a sword, though."


"I'd be a bad person if I didn't tell you that you have room for improvement," I said.


I then hastily pulled out my sword before Julan could protest about the words I had said.


"I was taught by my father that a sword isn't to be treated as just a weapon," I continued. "It's also an extension of yourself."


Julan gave me a look. "I never learned to think of it that way. So, who's this father of yours? Is he here? Can I meet him?"


I winced.


"He's not here," I said simply. "I'm an Outlander, remember?"


Julan opened his mouth. but closed it again and we sparred for a couple of hours before taking a break.


"I think that's enough training for today, Ulina," Julan said. "I feel as if that's all been crammed into my brain."


That was the intent, I thought.


There was no public transportation to Caldera, so we decided to go on foot. At some point on the journey, however, Julan left to explore a cave we passed by and I stood out the front of it, waiting.


"The Sixth House has risen, Ulina Therayn."


I turned around and then saw a Dunmer man right in front of me. He looked fairly young. He wasn't wearing anything except for a pair of leather pants and was carrying a club.


"Excuse me?" I asked. "But how do you know my name?"


He didn't answer me.


"Join Him in the flesh," he snarled. "Join Him in the ash!"


He then swung his club towards me. Instinctively, I grabbed the sword I had been training with earlier and attempted to hit him. The sword I was using hit his back, but it only left some cuts. In a few seconds, he dropped the club and tightened his grip on my arm.


"Join him," he said.


How could I join someone if I didn't know who they were? That was the question.


"Get away from her, you n'wah!"


That was when I heard Julan, and he grabbed the man from behind and he fell to the ground.


"Are you alright?" Julan asked. "He didn't hurt you did he?"


"No," I replied weakly. "No, I think I'll be fine."



The next two weeks Julan and I spent in Caldera and then Balmora, training in all the things I knew and helping people out in the process. I was amused by Julan's expression when we reached Balmora ("it's so huge...and grand!" he'd exclaimed) and his sarcastic remarks about other things like the Cammona Tong.


"So," Julan said after awhile. "I guess I should thank you for training me."


"No like I have anything else to do," I replied. And it was rather true. None of the Guilds in Morrowind had anything I would find myself really good at.


"But I don't really know that much about you," Julan continued. "Where are you from?"


There was no point in hiding this.


"Cyrodiil," I told him.


"Cyrodiil?" Julan raised his eyebrows. "Mephala….why would you want to leave there and come here?"


"I didn't choose to," I replied. "It was...kind of a sticky situation."


"What?" Julan looked at me.


"Can I explain the rest of it some other time?" I asked.


Julan let it go then.


At the end of those two weeks, however, I was in for a surprise.


"I'm going back to Ghostgate," Julan told me while we were staying in Balmora.


I raised my eyebrows.


"You're what?"


"I think I've trained enough for my secret mission," Julan said. "You're welcome to tag along if you like."


I did follow him back to Ghostgate, even though part of my mind was screaming at me that it was a very bad idea.



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