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Flashback: Llethsea Therayn

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 5:05 PM

It was the New Life Festival, and Llethsea had been lent her mother's dress for the occasion. Her mother's dress had been made by one of the best clothier's in Mournhold and it had been in the family for several years. Serethi thought it looked a bit old fashioned, but Llethsea didn't care. Her sister always made fun of her in small little ways that Llethsea didn't understand.


They had a mostly quiet morning and afternoon that day at the house, but there was going to be what looked like an exciting party out in the Great Bazaar. Llethsea hadn't been old enough for the previous parties but this year...this year she'd be old enough.


"Keep still!" Serethi barked. Llethsea winced in pain. Her sister was doing her hair. Llethsea hated it when her sister did her hair. It didn't help that her hair had been a mess for days because she had been lazy, as her sister often put it. "Do you want to go to this party or not?"


"Of course I do..." Llethsea clenched her teeth, "but you're being absolutely rough with my hair!"


It was only after a few minutes that Serethi deemed her sister's hair acceptable. Llethsea got up off the chair she was sitting on and and looked in the mirror. For a change, her hair actually looked pretty. In fact, she looked like proper Dunmer nobility. What has my sister done to me?


"It's not Lady Barenziah," Serethi said, "but it'll do -"


Llethsea smiled. "I look great."


Serethi nodded.


"OK, then. If you're happy with it, then let's go."



The streets were crowded with older people celebrating. There were people toasting their Maztes and couples dancing by the theater. Llethsea went to grab a Sujamma, but her sister slapped her hand way, shaking her head and chiding her for even attempting to drink alcohol at all.


At some point in the evening, a younger Dunmer male was at the center of the dancefloor with another girl. In fact, they seemed to be the only ones dancing.


"That's Dranen Therayn," Serethi whispered. "He's from Vvardenfell, but he came over here for a few months."


Llethsea blanched. From the tone in Serethi's voice, she could tell that her sister knew Dranen quite well and spent a lot with him. Llethsea couldn't blame her. He was a handsome enough person, with his shoulder length black hair, light red eyes and nice looking face.


"Is he seeing anyone?" Llethsea asked.


Serethi shook her head. "Not that I know of, but if I had my way, he certainly would be."


At this remark, Serethi winked. Llethsea resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She highly doubted her sister was in love. She was chasing after different every month. Their parents didn't really care that much who Serethi fancied, but they put their foot down when she had a thing for a young Telvanni wizard who was 'just visiting' Mournhold.


Llethsea's thoughts were suddenly cut off when Dranen Therayn started approaching them. No wait, he's approaching me!


"Serethi!" He cried. "Good to see you here. I'm glad you could make it."


At this remark, Llethsea looked towards her sister. Serethi was smiling.


"I'm glad I could make it, too," she replied. Dranen Therayn took Serethi's hand and kissed it. Llethsea could tell that her sister was resisting the urge to burst into a fit of giggles. Dranen turned towards Llethsea after that.


"Who's this?" He asked.


Llethsea was about to open her mouth and say so, but Serethi beat her to it.


"This is my little sister," Serethi began, "Llethsea."


Dranen took Llethsea's hand. Llethsea didn't say anything, mostly because she felt the heat rise to her face.


"Care for a dance?" he asked her.


Serethi's expression was absolutely livid, but Llethsea didn't care. She smiled at Dranen.


It's just a dance, she thought, no harm done, right?


That was when Llethsea let Dranen lead her onto the dance floor.



The next day, after an argument with her sister, Llethsea decided to wonder around Godsreach for some peace and quiet. Serethi hadn't quite forgiven Llethsea for "stealing" Dranen, as she had put it, no matter how many times Llethsea claimed it was just a dance.


Was it, though? Llethsea had thought Dranen Therayn was handsome (as well as a good dancer). Regardless, she didn't think of him that way.


"A Septim for your thoughts," a voice behind her said. Llethsea turned around to see Dranen, who was grinning at her.


"You wear normal clothes? I would never have guessed," Dranen joked. "Though you did look beautiful in that green dress last night. Was it from Anna's Boutique?"


Llethsea nodded.


"What are you doing here?" she asked.


"Godsreach is my favorite part of the city," Dranen said casually, "maybe you would like to go for a walk with me?"


Llethsea hesitated, but took his hand anyways. If Serethi knew, she would never hear the end of it.


"I'll go," Llethsea said.



During the span of a year and a half, Dranen and Llethsea became friends, more than friends, then they were engaged before going to the city of Vivec in Vvardenfell for their marriage. Serethi was still angry with Llethsea for "stealing" Dranen, but she didn't care. She loved him. Soon, she gave birth to a son. Tiros Therayn, and for the first few years of his life Llethsea devoted all of her time to taking care of her young son as well as practicing archery.


For a wedding present, she was given a valuable bow made of daedric, left over from "the ancient days" as her in-laws had put it. Llethsea practiced archery at the Fighter's Guild,and after awhile people complimented her skills, telling her she was about as skilled as any Bosmer.


Soon, she found out she was pregnant again. Llethsea hoped for a girl this time, and foun out she had gotten her wish. Eriama Therayn was born.


A month after Eriama was born, things started changing. Dranen didn't spend as much time in Vivec anymore, instead taking several extended trips into eastern Vvardenfell. Llethsea was only slightly bothered by this until he wanted to take Tiros with him.


"You what?" Llethsea snapped. "With all the rumors of Blight disease and something worse -"


"That's all they are," Dranen said harshly. "Rumors. Besides, I think it's high time my son learnt the basics about how to hunt. Don't you?"


Llethsea didn't like hunting. The thought of it made her nauseous. It was something the savages of Vvardenfell (also known as "Ashlanders") did quite frequently. In their case it was justified, however they had money to buy food.


It was also the thought of being away from her son. Tiros was so young.


Nevertheless, Llethsea gave in. Her husband and her son left the next day, leaving Llethsea with her month old daughter. Eriama couldn't talk to her, but it gave Llethsea some comfort to know the baby was there. In fact, foolish as it was Llethsea took Eriama to bed with her that night.


Sometime in the middle of the night, Llethsea awoke to hear a knock on the door. Carefully, Llethsea crept out of bed and went to open the door. Who could it possibly be this time? Llethsea thought irritably. Fiddling with the many locks on the door before opening it and gasping at the sight before her.


It was a little Dunmer girl wrapped in a white blanket. She had red, curly hair and petite features. From the look of things, the girl was no more than two years old.


Llethsea picked up the child and cradled her in her arms, before looking around. There were no Ordinators in sight. In fact, the only moving thing in sight was a shadowy figure. Llethsea could only see the back of their head, and it was covered with a dark red cloak. There was a note on the girl's blanket. Llethsea ripped it open and began reading it hastily.


Her name is Ulina, and she's two years old. She was born on the fifth of Rain's Hand. Because of her age, she is uncertain of her parents. I hope for her sake it remains that way.


- B


Llethsea scanned the contents of the letter over and over again. What kind of parents would abandon their own child?!



Dranen returned to days later. He looked exhausted yet frantic and worried. This wasn't the only thing that worried Llethsea, however; Tiros's absence didn't go unnoticed by her.


"Where is Tiros?" Llethsea demanded.


"Lleth -"


"Dranen!" Llethsea noticed that her voice was unusually shrill. "Where in Oblivion is my son?!"


Dranen shifted his eyes.


"He caught Corprus, Llethsea," Dranen said.


Llethsea wanted to yell and scream at her husband. By the Three, this is why is was a bad idea!


"I've taken him to Divayth Fyr..." Dranen continued. "There may yet be a cure, Llethsea...I'll go, and you can -"


"No," Llethsea snapped. "I'm going too. I need to look after Tiros...I need to be with my son...This only thing I'm worried about is that someone needs to look after the girls..."


"The girls?" Dranen asked, raising his eyebrows.


Llethsea only then realized that she hadn't told Dranen about Ulina.



Llethsea could barely remember what happened next. She could make out images of her son, Tiros and his sickly appearance. She could make out images of her husband and Fyr's servants pulling her away from him, saying that she was at risk of getting the Corprus too.


Then, she could make out being taken to a sick room of some sort. There was only one other person there besides herself. Yagrum Bagarn, the last of the Dwemer.


Oh, Gods...what's happened to me?


Llethsea then fell asleep, and woke up to see the face of her husband.


"We have to leave, Lleth," he said to her softly. "We need to get out of the province."


"Why?" Llethsea asked.


Dranen didn't respond, and Llethsea could feel hot tears streaming down her face.


"I did something bad," Dranen finally said. "very bad. It was years ago...I couldn't tell you. Now it's come back at the wrong time and I regret it. But I'm in trouble, and I need you to understand. We need to get out of Morrowind and make a new life somewhere else..."


Llethsea felt her throat closing up.


"...Serethi's coming with us, because she knows, and it'll end up hurting her too," Dranen said.


Llethsea was no longer listening. She knew her vision was blurring and found it hard to breathe. She just had time to say a few more words.


"...what's happening?" she whispered.


Dranen sounded as if he was trying to choke back his tears.


"...I asked Fyr if I could give you and Tiros a simple death," Dranen said. "Figured it was better than the two of you suffering, never dying...because that's what happens when you...contract Corprus."


That was when Llethsea knew she didn't have much time. She had to say it.


"...Take care of them," she said. "Take care of Eriama...and Ulina. And...and my sister."


She didn't include Tiros; if he had met the same fate as she did then no doubt he would live, either.


Just then, she had a vision of tall Mushroom trees, the marshes of Vvardenfell and she was much younger. She was running through the mushroom forests of Vvardenfell, feeling her hair blow through the wind and the sun shining on her.



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