Nerevarine Rising


Posted on June 19, 2014 at 9:40 PM

Sun's Height 27th, 3E 427.


"You have to tell her, Dranen."


Dranen Therayn looked up from his book and looked at his wife, Serethi.


"Tell who?"


Serethi rolled her eyes.


"Ulina. You know you should have seen this coming."


Dranen avoided his wife's gaze and then went back to his book before Serethi snatched it away.


"I do not wish to talk about it now."


Dranen knew he was making his wife angry, yet he simply didn't care. Serethi never cared about Ulina like he did. Ulina was his daughter. She couldn't just side with the Empire and have her taken away!


"So when are we going to talk about it?" she snapped.


Dranen didn't respond.


"Dranen, answer me. If we don't give our correspondence back to the Emperor about that girl, we could both be thrown in prison. Ulina would be snatched up regardless and Eriama would be taken to an orphanage. Is that what you want?"


Dranen looked at his wife, who was glaring at him.


"You need to deal with this."


Dranen sighed. "I've already lost my son, Serethi. I will not lose another child. Ulina's my daughter and I'll be damned if they take her. She's just a child."


"She'll be eighteen next month," Serethi reminded him coolly. "Seeing as you refuse to tell her what's going on, you can't protect her forever."


You can't protect her forever, were the words.


"I don't understand why you do this to yourself...your family. What's left of it anyway…"


Dranen sighed again. Serethi may have married him, but she knew the truth about Ulina and constantly held it over his head.


"Just write the damn report," Serethi snapped. "Or I'm out of this. All of it."


The next day, Serethi was dead. Dranen knew she was getting along in years, much like him but she hadn't died of natural causes.


She had been murdered.


Dranen knew who did it. It was his youngest daughter, Eriama. He knew because he saw her beside Serethi's dead body. He knew they hated each other and how Serethi constantly badmouthed Eriama's mother and brother.


But he didn't know how far Eriama would take it. That's when Dranen saw the smoke rising from Serethi's body. She had used magic. They were forbidden to use magic.


"Father," Eriama said, "I…"


Dranen didn't say a word.


"What did you do?" he finally demanded.


"She was talking about Ulina. She kept saying things that weren't true! I didn't mean to kill her...I swear."


Eriama's eyes shifted away and then Ulina eventually entered the room.


"I'll figure out a way to make this right, Eriama," she promised.


"No," Dranen blurted, "Ulina, stay out of this."


Ulina ignored him and sat beside her sister.


"Father, call the guards if you want," Ulina said.


Dranen then ran out and yelled for the nearest guard, and two arrived, flanking beside captain Phillida.


"Where's the murderer?" Phillida demanded.


Eriama glanced at the guard but then Ulina stepped up.


"I did it," she said. "Eriama's innocent, I swear."


Phillida looked shocked.


"Now take me away and spare her," Ulina ordered.


Dranen could only sigh as Ulina was taken away.


Now all he could do was pray to the God's...and hope they kept Ulina safe…

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