Nerevarine Rising would not be the story it is now without a lot of resources from places like the UESP, The Imperial Library, etc. And third party mods and other fanfiction that inspired me to write. So the page is mostly going to be for giving credit where credit is due, as well as giving people the links to where you can find me on other sites.

I personally don't play with very many mods, aside from mods that improve the graphics a bit (better heads and bodies) and clothes mods. But this mod blew me away. I saw some fanfiction with Julan in and I knew I had so download him. Then, I knew I had to include him in my story. I don't think I'm going to be able to play Morrowind without Julan now.
Also, for anyone thinking of playing the game with the mod, I recommend you check out the faq here.

Children of Morrowind by Emma and other various modders.
A mod that adds over two hundred child NPCs to the game, and you'll see various children in screenshots. I recommend it if you're like me and want your game world to look a bit more realistic.

Better Bodies by Psychodog Studios.
This is essential to my every playthrough of Morrowind, not just because so many mods are better with it/require it, but because it just makes the game look better.

Better Heads by Gorg & Arathrax
See what I said about 'Better Bodies.'

A great deal of the clothes you see Ulina (and later Shani) wear in the screenshots are from this mod. Though some are from others, like...

Metal Queen Boutique by CanadianIce.
There is no link here, as I had a hard time trying to track it down, but when I find it, I will link back. Either way, Ulina's hair seen in most of the screenshots is from this mod, as is some of the clothing.

Katisha's Fancy Threads by Kateri.
Again, no link here, but that's because it's on the same page as Julan. Either way, another awesome clothing mod.

OTHER FANFICTION. Mostly other novelizations that put mine to shame.

Description: "The future cannot be known, and choices may always be made." That may be, but dealing with destiny in an alien land is made all the harder when you have your own demons to face.
My thoughts: Probably my favorite Morrowind novelization. Harmoniedusoir knows her stuff, I can tell. The language is descriptive, and it's more true to the game than any others I've read. Not to mention, Llovesi is a very believable character.
Notes: There is also a Tribunal based sequel called Heart and Stone is anyone's interested.

Description: Ada Ventura just wants to get back to her homeland of Cyrodiil, but a series of bizarre events conspire to force her down the path of the Nerevarine. She can't really be the reincarnation of a legendary Dunmer hero... can she?
My thoughts: This one is funny as hell, in my opinion. I felt as if I burst out laughing every five minutes. Also, Ada is a very well developed character.She's just awesome. Another thing I like is the way she becomes close to the Sarethi's and calls them a family (I always liked the Athyn Sarethi). All in all, even if you haven't played Morrowind, I recommend it. It's a very enjoyable read.

Out of Mournhold by Celestina.
Description: Banished from her home in the City of Light, Fen is sent to the blighted island of Vvardenfell, where she soon finds herself caught in the centre of a mysterious prophecy. With the aid of a ragged young Ashlander, she must discover the source of the evil that plagues the island - and soon, the world.
My thoughts: Another very well done, complete Morrowind narrative following the adventures of Fen and Julan through three installments. I also like the way the author makes use of Princess Stomper's Royal Chargen mod and incorporates it into the story, making her Morrowind narrative even more original. 
Notes: The author says this herself, but I may as well say it too. Part Three does contain some strong language. Not much, but there is some. May as well keep this in mind.

The Adarise Salvel saga by The Drunk Serval.
Description: This is the story of a Dunmer woman coming home to Morrowind for the first time after a life imprisoned... chronicling her adventures as she discovers her lot in life is more than she imagined.
My thoughts: Actually, anything by this author is excellent. But her Morrowind stuff is very well written, not to mention it's written in journal format (sort of) so that's a very unique twist as well.
Notes: There is a oneshot spin off called "Breaking Idleness" on the same page. 

Description: In its corners were etched promises and the cores of fallen stars, three betrayals and words that touched something inside me physically, like a shock from an endless blue. — the Nerevarine.
My thoughts: I'm going have to say that this was bloody well done, and if you are a Morrowind fan you should read it, even if m/m (despite the fact that in this instance, it's only mildly implied) is not your cup of tea.

My Thoughts: Two beautiful poems about Morrowind's main plotline, and so inspiring it hurts.

My thoughts: Despite any grammatical errors that are in the story, it doesn't take away from the fact that Annika is a strong, well developed character and the way she gets along with Julan is just priceless. 
Notes: A bit more adult than some of the other stuff on this page. If strong language, sexual themes, some violence, smoking and anything else I'm forgetting isn't for you, then chances are this fanfiction isn't for you either. Also, on another note, this fanfic also incorporates CanadianIce's Metal Queen Boutique as well, a mod I recommended above.  

Like any other Elder Scrolls fanfiction writer, I need to use things for research (because the world that is Tamriel is too damn large). Also, I don't want to mess up the lore.

Aside from most of the dialogue from the games, as well as walkthroughs, I use it for things like lore and maps and timelines and...goodness, it's such an invaluable resource.

Another invaluable resource when it comes to Elder Scrolls lore.

Warning: This is a TV tropes link, so proceed with caution, as chances are you'll be clicking links for hours. Aside from that, I found the information here extremely useful.